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Sometimes things really seem to get out of control. Finances is one area. Money runs out, and there is not any place you can turn to get more. Health is another area. You get sick,… I mean really sick, and the doctors just cannot help you. Age catches up to you, and you just wear out.

Addiction is another area where people get out of control. Maybe it is not you, but a family member, who gets to drinking or doing drugs, and they wreck your home. What can you do? The government has all kinds of programs, but nothing seems to work. The police come, but they cannot get the person to stop drinking.

Children get to the point where they are out of control. They are too big to discipline, and they don’t want to listen to you anymore. They don’t take your advice to stay in school, and they start hanging out with the bad kids. Is there any help?

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Pastor Training Course

              Desiring A Good Work

                       II Timothy 3:1

     A Training Course For Pastors




This is an advanced course for men who desire to be a pastor of a church. Each one taking it should have a good Bible and be able to find the books in it and read it well. You should look up all the passages that I refer to and read them in full. If you have any questions please write them down as you go along and submit them with your answer sheet.

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